Farewell, JJ

Earlier this year, in a move that had both the fans and the cast of Criminal Minds up in arms, a bombshell was dropped: AJ Cook would no longer play Jennifer “JJ” Jareau in season six. On top of that, Paget Brewster, who plays Emily Prentiss, would have less screen time. With that move, Criminal Minds would effectively lose one female role and cut down a second by half — out of three women. None of the four male leads would change.

In a show that, despite being incredibly procedural, has a great cast and great characters that made the fans care enough to tune in week after week, this was unacceptable. Both AJ Cook and Paget Brewster expressed their disapproval of AJ being let go and Paget’s reduced screentime on their twitter accounts, making the fans at least feel like we weren’t alone.

Tonight, in their second episode of season six, Criminal Minds aired AJ Cook’s final episode, appropriately titled “JJ.”

From the get go, the episode started off on a wrong note, with the defense department wanting JJ to work for them. She’d previously turned the promotion down, happy where she was and with her job. In the end, the decision came from on high, with Hotch stating they liked to pull moves like this, as it “makes them feel like they’re in control.”

If there was any consolation in this episode, it was that it was obvious nobody involved wanted this. Not the writers, and not the cast. JJ’s final farewell was incredibly self aware, but incredibly respectful of AJ Cook and the role she’s had on the show for the past five years.

It’s not enough to make up for the fact that the show will be one and a half women short this season, but it softened the blow. I still cried my eyes out for the last ten minutes, though.

Thank you for five wonderful years and one of my favorite female characters on television, AJ Cook.


Geeky Ringtones For You!

I kind of have a problem when it comes to my cell phones. Over time, I make and collect such a huge amount of ringtones that I can never settle on a single one for any long period of time. The longest I’ve ever had a ringtone has been for the last month. The song? The 90’s X-Men animated series theme. Everyone knows it, everyone loves it, and I find it hard to change.

I’ve also collected a few different text message/email alerts, ranging from video games to TV show sound bites. I’ve uploaded my favorites of all, the ones I use more often than the others. These are in no way a comprehensive Best of the Best Geeky Ringtones; they just happened to be my favorite geeky ringtones.

Battlestar Galactica

Cylon Eye


Edith Piaf, “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien”

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Charlie: “Wild card, bitches! Yeeee-haw!

Dennis and Charlie singing “Day Man”

Theme Song

Mass Effect 2

Male: “I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite store in the Citadel.”

Female: “I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite store in the Citadel.”

Monty Python

Lumberjack Song (‘high heels, suspenders and a bra’ verse)

Sassy Gay Friend (link)

“What are you doing? What, what, what are you doing?”

Star Trek TOS

“Live long and prosper.”

Star Wars

Imperial March

Wookie yell

True Blood

Pam: “Blah blah, vampire emergency, blah.”

Enjoy, and check out some more ringtones from our friends over at All Things Fangirl! If you want to add these to your phone, Myxer is your best bet. (I just add the mp3s to my Blackberry by USB and set them as ringtones, though.)

Xbox Fail.

I feel a little weird jumpstarting this blog again with a rant, but at least something’s going on, right? Right.

Last night, I emailed Xbox Support with a question about my account – namely, how to downgrade from Xbox LIVE Gold to Silver because I’m poor, but is that labeled clearly anywhere? No, of course not. Why give people the option to stop giving you money? I see what you did there, Xbox.

When I checked my email today, I got an obvious form letter personalized by someone called Joyce. (The name is important, because it makes the following even worse.) The form letter didn’t bug me. Their roundabout answer with a simple link to billing online didn’t bother me (even though I wanted my credit card completely out of their system). Oh, no. This is what bothered me:

Hello Chantaal,

Thank you for using XBOX Customer Support online! I am Joyce and I will be helping you today with this issue.

As I understand, when your son tries to sign in to Xbox LIVE, [redacted]

I know how disappointing it is when your son cannot enjoy the Xbox Live service due to this matter.

Really, Xbox? REALLY?

For the record, I said nothing about having a son (because I don’t) or about this being a boyfriend’s account (cause he has his own). I simply put in a request about my account, and I get a form letter assuming I’m doing this for my son. When I mentioned this on twitter, I got a friend saying she’d gotten the exact same assumption in her responses. I know why Xbox would make the assumption, but I can’t imagine why they’d go ahead and say it so blatantly in their response when no indicators were given. It’s horrible PR.

I would love to cancel my account outright, but I kind of like not losing all my achievement points. No more money for you, Xbox LIVE.

She's got a lotta, lotta nerve coming here when she's still with him and he can't love her — it isn't fair.Breaking news, Grey’s Anatomy fans. It’s no secret that Katherine Heigl’s been angling to leave the show for a long time now, doing everything in her power to wriggle out of her long-term contract early in order to focus on her new adopted daughter and blossoming movie career. The only question has been if and when she’ll get what she wants.

EW.com’s Ausiello had the answer today.
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I wish there was some way to have an annoying midi of Gaga’s Paparazzi playing, it seems appropriate. Anyway!

Our friends over at All Things Fangirl put together the first ever Fangirl Awards, and a few of us here at PCR were part of the fangirl academy. There are all sorts of awards, ranging from the ever popular Best Actor and Best Picture awards to fun stuff like Best Fan Outreach and Epic Fail.

You can view the Minor Awards here and the Major Awards here. Have fun!

His madness was divinest sense to a discerning eye.

Lee Alexander McQueen, the man Anna Wintour described as “one of the greatest talents of his generation,” was found dead in his London home earlier today at the age of 40. The New York show for his secondary label, McQ, originally scheduled for today, was canceled at once. The cause of death remains unannounced and it is not for PCR to speculate, only to echo what Ms Wintour said:

“In such a short career, Alexander McQueen’s influence was astonishing — from street style, to music culture and the world’s museums. His passing marks an insurmountable loss.”

His shocking designs were known for their brilliant, vivid colors and bold cuts. He was equally as famous for his runway shows, which were often more performance pieces than your standard catwalk affair, and he brought a fearlessness to the scene which London fashion desperately needed. Love them or hate them, there is no doubt that McQueen’s work had an impossible to ignore effect on the fashion industry. Known to some as l’enfant terrible of fashion, the vibrancy of his pieces and his relentless push toward the cutting edge and beyond was tinged with a rich romanticism that made it easy to see why his work was favored by the celebrities who sought him out. The best known of these is perhaps Lady Gaga, who debuted her single “Bad Romance” at his Spring 2010 show in New York last fall.

Lately, he was only growing more famous, his career a seemingly constant ascent to brighter and greater things. His presence will be missed and his contributions to fashion never forgotten.

See McQueen’s work in action:

This Is Not Sparta

There is absolutely nothing redeeming about Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

It's like Rome and 300 had an illegitemate child.

I enjoyed the hell out of it anyway.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand is the Starz movie network’s newest venture in television, and it’s every bit as ridiculous as you’d imagine. It’s as if the network took everything they liked about 300 and HBO’s Rome (we’re not even going to mention Gladiator, they don’t occupy the same solar system), stirred it up in a pot, added a little to much BAM! and ended up with this. The CGI is laughable so the gore has little impact, nudity is rampant, the sex plentiful, and the plot…well, let’s just say if you’ve watched any movie or television in the past, you can see the twists coming a mile away.

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