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gg301_01There are few returning shows this television season that I can say I’ve looked forward to quite as much as I have tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl. After an entire summer away from the scandals of society, I am not ashamed to say I’ve been craving the show’s third season premiere for weeks. Say what you will about the show’s quality (though I can and will debate you), it knows exactly what it’s doing. While last season seemed, in many ways, weaker than the first, it looks like the third season is off with a bang.

As I’ve said before, one of Gossip Girl‘s strongest draws is the way in which it capitalizes on America’s obsession with the rich — the possibility of it, the pot of gold, if you will, at the end of the rainbow, elusive and quite likely entirely imaginary. Tonight didn’t just play with that, it all but promised a season that will pay closer attention than ever to the idea of crossing the class divide. The Humphreys have journeyed from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side, from making waffles in the loft to sunning in the Hamptons, and I love it.


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While there are surely dozens of things that go into the making of good film or television, it’s certain that just the right song can make or break a scene. The right soundtrack can not only compliment any given scene in sound, mood and words, it can bring out new sides to the characters, evoke emotions, tie scenes together and forever cement a moment in your memory. There’s no one in the business who does it better than Alexandra Patsavas.

Patsavas’ work as a music supervisor has spanned projects too numerous to be named, and even now she juggles four or five hit TV shows with movie soundtracks, but she first became truly known for her work on The O.C., where she impressed the creators so much, she was brought back for subsequent series Chuck and Gossip Girl. Her skill for matching music to mood is unparalleled, as is her talent for discovering musical gems from previously unknown artists and bringing them to the screen.

But there’s only so much you can say to convey the depth of her ability. It’s better just to let her work speak for itself, and to that end, we here at PCR have voted on our fifteen favorite musical moments from her career.


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It’s a hit show on the CW about a pack of poor little rich boys and girls.

That alone seems like reason enough for any rational adult looking to pass an hour to run screaming the other way — or, at least, to change the channel. But Gossip Girl has morphed into a major cultural phenomenon since its debut in 2007. It introduced Hollywood to seven young up-and-comers who up and arrived out of nowhere only to be found everywhere. There’s no doubting that Gossip Girl‘s star is on the rise and won’t be leaving us anytime soon.

You know you love it.

With just two weeks left before the show’s return, PCR counts down ten reasons why that should be.

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