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Farewell, JJ

Earlier this year, in a move that had both the fans and the cast of Criminal Minds up in arms, a bombshell was dropped: AJ Cook would no longer play Jennifer “JJ” Jareau in season six. On top of that, Paget Brewster, who plays Emily Prentiss, would have less screen time. With that move, Criminal Minds would effectively lose one female role and cut down a second by half — out of three women. None of the four male leads would change.

In a show that, despite being incredibly procedural, has a great cast and great characters that made the fans care enough to tune in week after week, this was unacceptable. Both AJ Cook and Paget Brewster expressed their disapproval of AJ being let go and Paget’s reduced screentime on their twitter accounts, making the fans at least feel like we weren’t alone.

Tonight, in their second episode of season six, Criminal Minds aired AJ Cook’s final episode, appropriately titled “JJ.”

From the get go, the episode started off on a wrong note, with the defense department wanting JJ to work for them. She’d previously turned the promotion down, happy where she was and with her job. In the end, the decision came from on high, with Hotch stating they liked to pull moves like this, as it “makes them feel like they’re in control.”

If there was any consolation in this episode, it was that it was obvious nobody involved wanted this. Not the writers, and not the cast. JJ’s final farewell was incredibly self aware, but incredibly respectful of AJ Cook and the role she’s had on the show for the past five years.

It’s not enough to make up for the fact that the show will be one and a half women short this season, but it softened the blow. I still cried my eyes out for the last ten minutes, though.

Thank you for five wonderful years and one of my favorite female characters on television, AJ Cook.


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She's got a lotta, lotta nerve coming here when she's still with him and he can't love her — it isn't fair.Breaking news, Grey’s Anatomy fans. It’s no secret that Katherine Heigl’s been angling to leave the show for a long time now, doing everything in her power to wriggle out of her long-term contract early in order to focus on her new adopted daughter and blossoming movie career. The only question has been if and when she’ll get what she wants.

EW.com’s Ausiello had the answer today.

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There is absolutely nothing redeeming about Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

It's like Rome and 300 had an illegitemate child.

I enjoyed the hell out of it anyway.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand is the Starz movie network’s newest venture in television, and it’s every bit as ridiculous as you’d imagine. It’s as if the network took everything they liked about 300 and HBO’s Rome (we’re not even going to mention Gladiator, they don’t occupy the same solar system), stirred it up in a pot, added a little to much BAM! and ended up with this. The CGI is laughable so the gore has little impact, nudity is rampant, the sex plentiful, and the plot…well, let’s just say if you’ve watched any movie or television in the past, you can see the twists coming a mile away.


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I’d like to preface this by noting that I’m a big fan of Chuck. Big fan. I love that show. It speaks to me.

And that’s exactly why I have some concerns.

As has been widely reported, Chuck returns on January 10, and the promotional blitz for that is starting out. Here’s a six minute preview of the new season:

Exciting, no? Well… yes. But it also reinforces the concerns I had at the end of the last season. (more…)

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First the rumors were March, then NBC ordered an additional six episodes and rumor surfaced that the show’s third season would be brought back early, possibly as early as late October. October came and went without so much as a word as to when Chuck would actually come back.

Today, the news broke from NBC.

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Look, sometimes, when you’re unemployed and have a lot of time on your hands, you finally succumb to Stefanie’s evil masterplan and watch five seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in a ridiculously short amount of time. Combine that with a healthy love for comics, a chat full of crazy friends (ie. all the other PCRers) and you get…

Grey’s Anatomy, X-MEN STYLE!

Which of our favorite mutants are roaming the Seattle Grace halls? Keep on reading to find out!


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With the rules of the game changing at Seattle Grace and a whole slew of new and, for the most part, intriguing faces coming in from Mercy West, there is much I could say about this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

I’m not, though, going to talk about Izzie’s theatrics or how incredibly weirded out I was, seeing Lexie standing in Meredith’s spot at the railing, or how very, very much I love Nora Zehetner. (Hey, guys, did I ever tell you that I love Nora Zehetner? ’cause I totally do.) Please forgive me if, for a few minutes, I go all After School Special on you, but what I want to talk about tonight has nothing to do with hospital politics. Instead it’s about how, in the words of Callie Torres, “you can’t pray away the gay.”



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