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I’d like to preface this by noting that I’m a big fan of Chuck. Big fan. I love that show. It speaks to me.

And that’s exactly why I have some concerns.

As has been widely reported, Chuck returns on January 10, and the promotional blitz for that is starting out. Here’s a six minute preview of the new season:

Exciting, no? Well… yes. But it also reinforces the concerns I had at the end of the last season. (more…)


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First the rumors were March, then NBC ordered an additional six episodes and rumor surfaced that the show’s third season would be brought back early, possibly as early as late October. October came and went without so much as a word as to when Chuck would actually come back.

Today, the news broke from NBC.

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While there are surely dozens of things that go into the making of good film or television, it’s certain that just the right song can make or break a scene. The right soundtrack can not only compliment any given scene in sound, mood and words, it can bring out new sides to the characters, evoke emotions, tie scenes together and forever cement a moment in your memory. There’s no one in the business who does it better than Alexandra Patsavas.

Patsavas’ work as a music supervisor has spanned projects too numerous to be named, and even now she juggles four or five hit TV shows with movie soundtracks, but she first became truly known for her work on The O.C., where she impressed the creators so much, she was brought back for subsequent series Chuck and Gossip Girl. Her skill for matching music to mood is unparalleled, as is her talent for discovering musical gems from previously unknown artists and bringing them to the screen.

But there’s only so much you can say to convey the depth of her ability. It’s better just to let her work speak for itself, and to that end, we here at PCR have voted on our fifteen favorite musical moments from her career.


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Chuck panel

Just months ago, it wouldn’t have been a stretch to say that Chuck wouldn’t be back in San Diego this year. With the window for show pickups quickly nearing and still no word on Chuck, fans banded together, tweeting, buying five dollar footlongs from Subway and doing whatever they could to save their beloved show.

Today, Chuck returned to Comic Con triumphant.

And so did Jeffster.


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