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Xbox Fail.

I feel a little weird jumpstarting this blog again with a rant, but at least something’s going on, right? Right.

Last night, I emailed Xbox Support with a question about my account – namely, how to downgrade from Xbox LIVE Gold to Silver because I’m poor, but is that labeled clearly anywhere? No, of course not. Why give people the option to stop giving you money? I see what you did there, Xbox.

When I checked my email today, I got an obvious form letter personalized by someone called Joyce. (The name is important, because it makes the following even worse.) The form letter didn’t bug me. Their roundabout answer with a simple link to billing online didn’t bother me (even though I wanted my credit card completely out of their system). Oh, no. This is what bothered me:

Hello Chantaal,

Thank you for using XBOX Customer Support online! I am Joyce and I will be helping you today with this issue.

As I understand, when your son tries to sign in to Xbox LIVE, [redacted]

I know how disappointing it is when your son cannot enjoy the Xbox Live service due to this matter.

Really, Xbox? REALLY?

For the record, I said nothing about having a son (because I don’t) or about this being a boyfriend’s account (cause he has his own). I simply put in a request about my account, and I get a form letter assuming I’m doing this for my son. When I mentioned this on twitter, I got a friend saying she’d gotten the exact same assumption in her responses. I know why Xbox would make the assumption, but I can’t imagine why they’d go ahead and say it so blatantly in their response when no indicators were given. It’s horrible PR.

I would love to cancel my account outright, but I kind of like not losing all my achievement points. No more money for you, Xbox LIVE.


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