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When thinking about what I wanted to first write about, I realized I had a wide range of selection as to what I could talk about. Sure, there’s plenty of the obvious ones – XBOX 360, for example, has a slew of stuff to talk about. What I ended up deciding – and one of my fellow PCR bloggers joked I ought to do – is a review about a game from my childhood.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: this is a pop culture blog, Trace, and those things ought to be reviewing new things! Well, fear not, dear readers, because I assure you this thing is new.

Kind of.

One of the most recent releases to the XBOX Live is a revamping of The Secret of Monkey Island. Now, to those of you who either weren’t fans of computer games back in the early nineties or are too young to have even know its existence, the name will likely not ring a bell to you. However, to properly explain the newly remastered version, I think I’ll start by giving the back story of the original.



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