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No, Kanye. This is not okay.

No, Kanye. This is not okay.

In recent history, there are few celebrities who immediately come to mind when we think of the ones we consider controversial. Kanye West, with his past declarations of George W. Bush not caring about black people is most decidedly one of them. And while we all got a good laugh out of Mike Meyers’s surprised face back then, this time, he’s gone too far.

Tonight, at the MTV Video Music Awards, as Taylor Swift started her nervous acceptance speech for her first VMA ever, Kanye West walked on stage, took the microphone from her and declared Swift’s fellow nominee Beyonce to have the best video of the year.

Mr. West, this is unacceptable. Saying something in your own public forum is one thing, but to ruin a 19 year old’s moment in the VMA spotlight to declare your dissatisfaction with the outcome of the award? It’s rude, disrespectful, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Yes, we understand that because you put out an entire album of your auto-tuned voice, you believe that you can do whatever you like and say whatever you want, but that’s most certainly not the case. You’re not the voice of my or any other generation, and quite frankly, I’d rather you just shut the hell up for a while. Go find a mirror to admire yourself in.

The VMAs are most certainly not the Grammys, and it may as well be a long-standing tradition that something crazy will happen, but there’s crazy and then there’s this:

That sir, is not how you become a doper person.

Here’s the article at MTV.com, complete with video just in case You Tube yanks it.

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