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In 1991, Square-Enix, then called Square, released the fourth part of their Final Fantasy series. It followed the story of Cecil, who, at the beginning of the game, is the leader of the greatest air fleet in the world – the Red Barons. All is not well in his kingdom, however, and his King’s sudden and unexpected turn to take over the crystals in the world. Realizing he can’t do such horrible acts, Cecil begins his journey of redemption, which ultimately leads him on the path to saving his world. State-side, we got this game as Final Fantasy II, and it ended up being a major overhaul of the game systems of Final Fantasy before it. I’ll spare you all the details of the confusing timeline of the series in general beyond that.

Final Fantasy IV eventually was remade multiple times on multiple systems. Its current incarnation was released on the Nintendo DS in 2008, and it was its most revamped version yet. The addition of CGI scenes dot the game and add to the story, and, most notably, the sprites of the first game were given a 3D treatment. For the most part, it was a great adaptation, and was well received by fans and critics alike. It’s not surprising that with such a successful venture, the company would continue to look for ways to milk the success.

Thus the creation of the game’s sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, was made and put out on the Wii’s WiiWare. Set eighteen years after the first game, the series follows the son of the original main protagonists of the story, Cecil and Rosa, Ceodore. While the world finally found peace after defeating the threat of Final Fantasy IV, it seemed that it was not meant to last, as monsters invade the lands again and a new evil threatens to destroy everything. It’s up to the returning characters from the first game as well as a few new faces to stop the new evil facing their lands and bring peace back to their world.



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