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Our usual video game writer couldn’t make it to Comic Con this year, so guest blogger Danielle is stepping in to review two games coming soon to a console near you.

While the growing presence of the video game market at Comic Con has attracted criticism for luring fannish attentions away from comic books, fantasy films and scifi literature, two of this year’s highly anticipated game titles have a lot to offer beyond the promise of stellar graphics and a blue pill sensory overload.

That’s not to say that the makers of Assassin’s Creed II and Batman: Arkham Asylum don’t know their audience well. Anyone looking to get their greedy little button-blistered thumbs on a copy of ACII can rest easy in the knowledge that if the assassinations in the first game were sweet, then the kills in its sequel will be downright cavity-inducing. Likewise, loyal fans of the Batman mythos won’t be disappointed by a lack of coolheaded reliance on everyone’s favorite utility belt. But with the continued development of Desmond Miles’ intriguing pedigree and the careful attention paid to getting the goddamn Batman’s game characterization just right, we have ourselves further proof that the gaming industry may yet become just as capable of producing good stories as it is insomnia and carpal tunnel syndrome.


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